Mike Ricordati shares his opinion on referring to Native Americans as, “REDSKINS.”

Mike Ricordati and his kkk hood

Mike Ricordati claims that he is not a racist, but he sees no problem with using the name “Redskins” when referring to Native Americans.  Is it wrong for a team to say their team mascot is a Native American and then refer to them as “Redskin”?

Mike Ricordati shares his racist thoughts

Mike Ricordati’s racist thoughts are shared weekdays from 3 to 6 PM!

As a white man, Mike Ricordati has no problem with the Washington Redskins or any team using any sort of racist / offensive name or imagery.

Mike Ricordati says he once saw, or heard about a poll that said the Native Americans like being mascots. The people who created the poll refuse to reveal the design, data and the methods used for the poll. But Ricordati does not suspect that the poll / results might be concocted to help support institutions that are trying hard to avoid the requested change. He uses the poll results as fact to support his racist beliefs and opinions.

Mike Ricordati is ok with the Redskins

Mike Ricordati tells it from his perspective. Thanks for sharing you racist piece of shit!

We can just keep saying that Native Americans like being mascots and that they should be proud that we use them as mascots. We should just keep on saying these things until the general population starts to believe it.

Redskin is a racist slur

Mike Ricordati dismisses protesters as just being too politically correct

– Mike Ricordati’s Radio Show –

When Ricordati does a radio show on a racist topic (such as the NFL’s “Redskins”) he tells his listening audience that he does not want to hear from middle class white guys living in the suburbs.  He dismisses them as having no place to speak on racism and bigotry. Yet, HE goes on and on, blabbing about what HE thinks and feels on the topics of racism and bigotry…..and yes….HE is a middle class white guy, living in the suburbs. What a fucking moron. He doesn’t want any other middle class white dude, living in the suburbs, sharing THEIR opinion on the topic, but HE won’t shut his fat mouth about the topic.

Mike Ricordati doesn’t understand who would have a problem with the word, “Redskin” …….

You don’t see a problem with a name like, “Redskin?”

Mike Ricordati honors redskins.

Mike Ricordati honors redskins.


– Chief Illiniwek –

Chief Illiniwik is a proud tradition honoring Native Americans.
Never mind the fact that it is just some white dude dressed up in a stereotypical “Indian” costume, dancing around like a moron doing cheer leading kicks and splits.

The only people describing this mascot as an “HONOR” are the people responsible for it . . . and the douche bags entertained by it.

Chief Illiniwek is 100% authentic Chief Illiniwek is 100% authentic Chief Illiniwek is 100% authentic Chief Illiniwek is 100% authentic Chief Illiniwek is 100% authentic

Mike Ricordati doesn’t believe that anybody should take offense at being a mascot, no matter how bigoted or racist it might be.

Chief Illiniwek was not based on an actual American Indian chief, nor did a historical figure with this name ever exist. Both the character and the  “dance” performed by Chief Illiniwek were made up by a white college student who knew nothing about Native Americans except what he saw in movies. The dance was just a combination of completely awkward white guy moves and basic, poorly executed cheerleading moves. All of the white people who played the role of this Chief Illiniwek  “savage” changed the “authentic” dance at will. And the face paint? Oh, the face paint was 100% authentic as well.

Chief Illiniwek 100% authentic?

100% authentic?

Not really.

Well, not at all.

More like 0% authentic.

More like 100% offensive.

Yes, the honorable Chief Illiniwek went out to perform the role of team mascot at sporting events. He was a source of entertainment used by an institution  . . . . just like the “Phillie Phanatic.”

Didn’t the University of Illinois intend to honor Native Americans with their mascot’s portrayal? It is funny to hear and read people trying to justify and rationalize the bigoted and racist portrayals used throughout the history of the institution.  The school eventually had a Native American create a costume for their mascot, but that made the (live) mascot about as authentic as stuffing an “authentic” sausage casing with human feces and calling it a sausage.

Chief Illiniwek drawings are not racist

Ricordati is sad that such long time racist traditions are being stopped.

If you are offended by racist / bigoted imagery or names, you are too politically correct.

Perpetuating stereotypes is bad?

Denigrating other cultures is bad?

Bigotry is bad?

Racism is bad?

Tell me Ricordati isn’t a racist a-hole. He’s a sexist, homophobic, racist, bigoted, piece of shit. His radio show is horrible and it is soon to be removed from the air.

It only took a few years, but the station decided that perpetuating racism isn’t worth ratings when the negatives associated with the social pressure begin to outweigh the benefits and commercial gains from the ratings. There are a lot of racists in the world and a lot of them listen to the radio.

Mike Ricordati's radio show should be stopped

Does Mike Ricordati’s boss know about Mike’s radio show?

Mike Ricordati hates political correctness.  All racists hate political correctness.


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