Mike Ricordati is a bigot

Mike Ricordati thinks it is funny to butcher LaQuinton Ross’s first name.

Mike Ricordati claims that he is not a racist, but then he opens his mouth.

This is PART ONE of a series covering this subject.

Mike Ricordati hosts a radio show on 97.1 FM The Fan. The problem is that he often lets racist thoughts and attitudes slip out (on his radio show). These are unintentional slips and he is quick to deny that he is a racist or even a bigot. Anyone who has ever heard his show knows he is a raging bigot. But is he racist?

Have you ever heard Mike Ricordati say “LaQuinton” on his radio show? He likes to say it in a peculiar way.

LaQuinton Ross

What’s my name? Say my name Bitch!

When Mike Ricordati says LaQuinton Ross’s first name,  he says it in a disturbing and unseemly manner. Mike Ricordati’s disturbingly stereotypical pronunciation of LaQuinton makes me cringe. I feel nauseous every time he does it. I want to smash my radio.

Why does Mike Ricordati continue to mispronounce, LaQuinton in such an offensive manner?

Is he perpetuating some stereotypical type of speaking? I’m afraid so.

What is the purpose?

Why is it funny to him?

Is the overtly racist way in which he says, “LaQuinton” funny to him? Does he think it is funny to other people?

Does LaQuinton Ross know Mike Ricordati is saying his name like that?

 I would love to see Mike Ricordati say, “LaQuinton” (in his effed up, stereotypical way) directly to LaQuinton Ross’s face.

I have heard LaQuinton pronounced –

–  \lä·kwin·tən\

–  \la-qui-(n)ton\

–  \la-qui-(n)tin\

 Never have I heard anybody say LaQuinton the way Mike Ricordati says it.

 Mike, does your boss know you are saying LaQuinton like a racist pig?

Ask Mike Ricordati to do his “funny” pronunciation of LaQuinton the next time you see him. Go ahead, ask him to say “LaQuinton” the funny way he says it on air. Then ask him what the joke is regarding the way he says LaQuinton. Have him explain what the funny part is.

Mike Ricordati doesn’t see anything wrong with his hideous, stereotypical pronunciation.

How would Mike Ricordati describe his pronunciation of LaQuinton?

Is he saying it with a British accent?  Is it an Indian accent he is doing? No, no it is not. Mike Ricordati is doing some sort of sickening, stereotypical racist accent.

Why does he think this is ok to say LaQuinton’s name like that?

Who told him he can perpetuate stereotypes like that?

Who works with him and fails to notify Mike that what he is doing might be offensive to some people? Well, maybe they realize it will be offensive to just the well rounded, non racist people, so maybe we are not their target audience anyway?

Playback his disgusting pronunciation of LaQuinton and tell me Ricordati isn’t a racist a-hole.

Mike Ricordati's radio show should be stopped

Does Mike Ricordati’s boss know about this?

Mike Ricordati hates political correctness but has a very difficult time discerning what may not be politically correct (and why).

Hey Mike, if you are still having trouble determining what is politically incorrect, just follow your heart.  If someone kicks the shit out of you, you probably went too far.  Good luck you racist a-hole.


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