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Mike Ricordati : “Stereotypes exist for a reason”

I am embarrassed for Columbus, Ohio. This is my city. This is your city.

Why would a fine city like Columbus tolerate a garbage spewing moron spreading hate over the public radio waves? He is a bigot. He has a small mind. He is Mike Ricordati.

On any given day he will:

  1. denigrate women
  2. mock ethnicities
  3. humiliate the handicapped
  4. offer ‘condescending’ race remarks
  5. play “Mexican Hat Dance” when referencing Hispanic/Latino/Spanish people
  6. play “It’s Raining Men” for gay bashing/sexual harassment purposes
  7. intimidate the gay/lesbian/bi population with insults and mockery
  8. spew overt sexism
  9. practice religious discrimination
  10. attack people by gender
  11. target nationalities which are minorities in central Ohio
  12. spread general minority intolerance

Isn’t it funny when he makes fun of you? Is your race hilarious? What about your skin color, is that funny? What about your ethnicity? Do you like to get laughed at because of your gender? You know your gender is not equal and therefore makes great comedic material. And your religion is hilarious. Sexism always produces huge laughs, so what is wrong with being sexist?

  • Mike Ricordati proudly proclaims that stereotypes exist for a reason.
  • Mike Ricordati thinks that it is perfectly acceptable to use, “You throw like a girl” as an insult. 
  • Mike Ricordati does not see a problem with saying,”Hey Chico, you should be selling tacos in Tijuana” to an Hispanic American.
  • Mike Ricordati thinks it is funny to claim some women have a penis in attacks on their gender.
  • Mike Ricordati sees no problem with “Polish” jokes.
  • Mike Ricordati will often say “she’s a man” when referencing strong women.
  • Mike Ricordati believes you are too politically correct if you object to his bigotry.

I think Mike Ricordati feels free to attack smaller local populations like Arabs, Muslims, Latinos, Ethiopians, etc.  because they are statistically such a small segment of the central Ohio population that he can get away with his bigotry and hate spewed at them without a huge backlash. It is easy for the station to ignore a handful of complaints, no matter how passionately these protesters plead their case, no matter how offended they have been by this bigot, Ricordati.

In fact, statistically speaking most listeners of Mike Ricordati’s radio show are probably white males so they might not have the same insight into bigotry and hate that minority groups have.  Worse yet, if they are listening to Mike Ricordati, they probably agree that it is funny to laugh at other races, colors, creeds, sexual orientations, genders, etc.

culture not costume 3

Because minority groups are typically very small populations, they have a difficult time pressuring the radio station to stop the offenses. It is just a matter of numbers to the radio station. I guess if the radio station gets every hardcore racist to listen, then they don’t care what five Latinos say about the “Mexican Hat Dance” being used as a punchline.

Why? Is it just because ratings equal advertising dollars.

Is that it?

Without sufficient social pressure, it is very difficult for minority groups to organize and bring enough pressure on the radio station to stop such bigotry here in Columbus.

Why do you think it is ok to gay bash people using the song, “It’s Raining Men?” Please explain the joke. Seriously, is the joke that there are men around that might be homosexual? Is that the joke? Somebody might be gay so we are going to play “It’s Raining Men” whenever we mention them . . . . and then laugh really hard.

Why is that funny to you? Is pointing out that someone might be gay the funny part of the joke? Is that the punchline, that someone is gay? Or, is the fact that you are calling someone “gay” the funny part?  Is that really the funny part?

I can tell you, laughing at someone for being gay is gay bashing.

And what gives women (who are lesbians) the right to exist in our society without being mocked and laughed at?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a radio station that provided a safe place where small men could ridicule and attack lesbians? Play “Come to My Window” by Melissa Ethridge and laugh…. it would be a great way to denegrate them. And why shouldn’t we denegrate them?

And Ricordati doesn’t think he is a bigot.

Breaking news a-hole . . . . you are a bigot.

You think that saying, “I love Charles Barkley” somehow makes you appear less bigoted? It actually demonstrates your bigotry. Going out of your way to explain how much you “love” minority athletes and celebrities is common for bigots. They feel it demonstrates that they cannot be bigoted or racist because they “love” people of color, like Michael Jordan. Funny that they can’t see the irony.

Who does Mike Ricordati work for? Who would allow such speech to be broadcast freely on public radio?  Is the FCC interested in preventing this type of speech on mid-day public am/fm radio? Who hired Mike Ricordati? Are they aware of his show content? Who sponsors the station that pays Mike Ricordati? Do they know how Ricordati tries to get laughs? Do they know that the advertising dollars they spend go to support his bigotry and hate?

latino-bigotry-racist-jokesPlay the “Mexican Hat Dance” whenever we mention a Latino or Hispanic person! It will be hilarious!

It’s “funny” to portray people of color and their cultures in a derogatory way!

The surrounding metropolitan area of Columbus includes over 1.8 Million people.

It has been estimated in a National magazine that 1 in 8 people consider themselves to be racist. So if 12% consider themselves to be racist, that is 216,000 people right here in central Ohio who might actually enjoy a little black face routine, a taco joke, some gay bashing or maybe a sexist joke about women.

You can see there is always a demand for hate. As a society, we do not have to accept it as a legitimate source of comedy.  If you were really funny, you wouldn’t have to stoop to such depths trying to make people laugh. Mike Ricordati needs to be removed from radio broadcasting.